Saima House is situated on Linnankatu (Castle street), the oldest street in the historical town of Savonlinna. Surrounded by other wooden buildings, the cobbled streets evoke memories of a bygone era. The Olavinlinna castle is just a stones throw from Saima House, and in the summer during the world renowned famous Opera Festival held in the castle grounds, music can be heard drifting over the lake towards the Old town.

The building has had a variety of uses since it was built in 1897. In the last 130 years, amongst other things, it has been used as a Doctor’s residence to a kindergarten, from a labour ward to its current use. Since the 1990’s it has been a café, evolving over those years to now offering a light meal selection, a wonderful garden terrace and meeting rooms. On the ground floor, at the street level entrance of the building, you can find the Saima House Shop selling local souvenirs and the most beautiful gift items.

The Eskelinen family took over the café business in the Saima House in 2011, using their broad experience of over 40 years in the café and bakery industry, most notably, the successful HerkkuPekka bakery and café in the centre of Savonlinna. With the return from England of their daughter Johanna and her husband David Taylor in 2013, the café grew continually to its’ current welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Herkkuja kesäterassilla
Davidin valmistamat herkut
Yrittäjät juhlistamassa onnistuineita tarjoiluja

The couple is nowadays in charge of the day-to-day running of the café, but all family members play a strong part by bringing not only their extensive industry knowledge but also additional key skills to the business. Johanna’s brother Teemu Eskelinen, the owner of HerkkuPekka, is also the key contact for IT. Mum, Ulla Eskelinen, does the business administration and Dad, Pekka Eskelinen, knows everything about repairs and maintains the business relations, as well as being the most experienced baker in the family. Although the whole Eskelinen-Taylor family is involved in the successful running of Café Saima on a daily basis, Johanna is still the first point of contact for many of our guests.

Saima kahvilan yrittäjät Johanna ja David

Café Saima really is a family business in the true sense of the word, where the many decades of professionalism, high quality catering education, dedication to customer satisfaction and international business experience comes together. We offer friendly and knowledgable service of fresh, many local ingredients and products for our guests to enjoy in a warm atmosphere.