vastajauhettu kahvi

As soon as you walk in through the front door, you are surrounded by the very welcoming atmosphere and the smell of freshly ground coffee and baked hot pastries. We are well known locally for our excellent coffee using Paulig’s lightly roasted coffee beans which are ground only moments before brewing. For those of you who prefer the dark roast beans, we use Paulig’s Espresso Barista range for our espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and our fabulously milky café au laits.

If coffee is not your cup of tea (pun intended), we have an extensive range of loose leaf teas. There are always several plain or flavoured black teas, green teas, rooibos, mate and fruit infusion teas to choose from. We are always happy to assist you to find your favourite.

In addition we offer hot chocolates with cream, fruit juices and other beverages such as hot mulled wine or traditional Finnish glögi in the cold winter months, to homemade chilled ice tea in the summer months. Why not treat your self to a glass of prosecco at the sunny garden terrace before the Opera or just go totally Finnish and enjoy a Lonkero or two!

 To accompany the drink of your choice, we have a large selection of delicious freshly baked cakes and pastries to choose from. All the mouth watering delicacies are baked in our own family bakery, HerkkuPekka located in the centre of Savonlinna, and delivered to the café daily. You just have to try the sumptious chocolate cake!

If you are around for a few days, there will be so many different cakes to choose from, that you will need more than a visit or two to try and find your favourite.

In the summer months, we also have a large selection of freshly prepared open sandwiches and filled croissants. Using different flavoured breads and fresh fillings, we try and create sandwiches that suit many tastes and they are a massive hit with our customers. Maybe cold smoked salmon on dark rye bread is your choice after Opera with a nice glass of crisp chardonnay or perhaps a bagel with tomato and mozzarella accompanied by a glass of shiraz at lunchtime, the choice is yours.

You can find some examples of our beautiful cakes and pastries from our picture gallery.